8/1/19 Elternbrief building update

On Sunday afternoon, the TCGIS Board hosted a Farewell Open House to provide the opportunity for closure for all neighbors, school families, past parishioners and the greater community. We had over 100 people attend and many expressed gratitude for the opportunity.

The Board thanks Cindy Miller and Ellen Thompson for helping organize the event, and Colin Kreuziger for performing acoustic guitar during the open house.

We acknowledge that the building is special to many people in the TCGIS community as well as the greater community, and that the demolition will be extremely difficult. We respect the right of those who continue to protest, and ask our community to maintain respectful personal interactions with those in opposition. Please refrain from engaging with them on social media. The poor online conduct of some vocal opponents is not the standard we hold for ourselves.

Salvage of interior materials such as organ pipes, doors, and marble molding began this week, and preparations are on track to begin the demolition sometime next week. We've asked the contractor to retain some bricks and tiles for use in a tribute, such as a little free library made of the materials. 3D laser scans and drone videos were made by generous community volunteers to document the architecture of the building. These large data files can be used to create accurate replicas for a tribute, such as a bronze sculpture of the former church.

Through all the controversy of the last year, we always kept the needs of the kids in mind. It was a difficult decision to replace the Aula, and it was not made lightly by the Board. This truly was the only viable option to meet the space needs within the budget of our public charter school. We ask for your continued support as we embark on the project, and the patience to remember that we will ultimately have an excellent school facility to fulfill our mission, "the education of the whole child through German immersion."

Julie Alkatout

Chair, TCGIS Board of Directors

Tina Haarbusch