AATG Open Letter of Support for the Twin Cities German Immersion School

Open Letter of Support for the Twin Cities German Immersion School
March 2019

To the City Council and the Mayor of St. Paul,

The Minnesota Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) would like to express its support for the Twin Cities German Immersion School's planned building project. The Immersion School is not simply the only German immersion school in Minnesota; it is recognized by the AATG as one of the best German teaching programs in the United States--a "Center of Excellence." Furthermore, the success of the school's mission--to cultivate global citizens through immersive learning of German language and culture--is evidenced in its remarkably low attrition rate, setting it among the most successful charter schools in the state.

In order to meet the needs of its students and staff, the well-thought improvement project is absolutely necessary. We, the undersigned, therefore lend our full support for this campus improvement initiative, not simply for the sake of maintaining an institution of German teaching excellence, but to maintain and expand the reach of a Minnesota public center of teaching excellence.

Signed by

Dr. Amanda Randall, Assistant Professor of German, St. Olaf College, Minnesota-AATG President
Dr. Juliane Schicker, Assistant Professor of German, Carleton College
Angelika Becker, GermanTeacher, Carmel High School, IN
The Rev. Dr. Anthony Bateza, Assistant Professor of Religion, St. Olaf College
Toni Gorton, German Teacher, Boise, ID
Susanne Barrett Smith, German teacher and Concordia Language Village supporter
Samantha Garber, German Teacher, Woodbury High School
Dr. Holly Brining, Assistant Professor of German, University of Minnesota Duluth
Trent Hudson, German teacher, AATG-TN
Ginny Steinhagen, Senior Lecturer in German, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Beth Lillskau, German Teacher, Prairie High School, IA
Dr. Erika Berroth, President South Texas Chapter of AATG, Southwestern University
Shelby Riggins, German Teacher at Ashbrook High School NC, AATG Member
Dan Nolan, Assistant Professor of German Studies, UMD
Dr. Kirk Martinson, Lecturer, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Dr. Helena Ruf, Director of Language Instruction, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Dr. Eric R. Baker, University of Minnesota
Vincent Kancans, graduate student in Germanic Studies, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Amanda Stenberg, German Teacher at Mora High School
Professor Emeritus Jack Zipes, University of Minnesota
Jenneke Oosterhoff, Senior Lecturer, University of Minnesota
Dr. Rüdiger Singer, Visiting Associate Professor of German, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Moritz W. Meutzner (M.A.), Ph.D. Candidate (Germanic Studies), Dept. of GNSD, U of Minnesota
Matt Beck, German Instructor, Saint John's Preparatory School

Tina Haarbusch