Design Survey Results

The Facilities Committee's Design Survey closed on August 28.  Responses have been tabulated and analyzed and are available in the links below.  The survey results were shared with the architect to help develop the exterior design, which will be shared when it is available.

Here is a summary of the survey results:

• Most respondents prefer brick and glass for building materials
• Eco-friendly and green materials were also commonly suggested in the comments
• Minority (29%) of respondents think it is important to reuse aula components in the design
• Minority (12%) of respondents said they could help fundraise to reuse aula components
• Regarding aula components to reuse, the rose window was mentioned most often
• Overall, 60% of respondents indicated the new design should either incorporate elements from all 3 buildings or look more like the 2013 addition.
• Overall, 24% of respondents indicated the design should look more like the aula
• Preferences differed slightly among stakeholders
•TCGIS Staff had greater preference for a building like the 2013 addition (48%)
• WD neighbors had greater preference for a building like the aula (44%)
• Como neighbors had a greater preference for a building like the aula (37%)
•TCGIS parents equally preferred the 2013 addition or elements of all 3 buildings (>60% total)
•Minority of respondents thought it is important to create tributes to the Aula (33%) or to Hausler (11%).

TCGIS Design Survey Summary

TCGIS Design Survey Comments 2018

TCGIS Design Survey Tribute Ideas

Ellen Thomson