Revised Plans and Elevations

The water utility signed off on demo permit application September 27th. This application was faxed to the department of safety and inspection to a plans examiner II on October 1st. Rather than requiring the water disconnection work at this point, the conditions of the permit allow our contractor to begin selective above-grade demolition while maintaining current water service to the building. This opens the opportunity to perform targeted demolition work to non-functional exterior components during upcoming school breaks. The interior of the building will remain functional and safe for gym and lunch until the end of the school year. The timing and scope of upcoming demolition work will be discussed at the next facilities committee meeting on October 9th. The contractor is evaluating the possibility of beginning some of this selective demolition work while the school is closed the week of fall break, October 15-19th. Any work done this school year will help meet project timelines.

Last night the board voted to approve the designed exterior footprint of the new building for submission to the city for approval. The interior layouts were also reviewed, and can be further modified to optimize functionality. The concept designs of the exterior elevations were presented and discussed. Following the feedback from the design survey, the exterior utilizes brick and glass, as well as metal panels and window designs meant to create a unified look to the entire campus. The specific exterior materials can still be modified. Recessed areas on the south and east facades, along Como Avenue and adjacent to the playground, were included to create areas for public art. The design and commission of public art could be a focus of the group that volunteered to raise funds to repurpose elements and create a tribute of the existing building.

A representative from the TCGIS facilities committee will provide a project update at the next D10 Land Use Committee Meeting on October 3 and the D10 Community Council meeting on Oct. 16th. The next TCGIS board meeting is Nov. 1st, 2018.

Ellen Thomson