Design Survey

The Facilities Committee has developed a survey to gather exterior design input from interested people.  A focus-group met to review and refine the survey questions on August 6th.  Input was received from TCGIS parents, neighbors, board members, TCGIS administration.  The District 10 Community Council was also represented in this meeting.  Survey results will be forwarded to the architect to be considered and incorporated in the building's exterior design.

The survey will remain open until August 25th, 2018.  A summary of the information will be shared through the TCGIS building project website.  The Facilities Committee is considering holding a community meeting to share renderings from the TCGIS architect to gather additional feedback on the building design.

The focus group discussed the purpose of each question and made improvements to make each question much more specific and direct, to decrease the risk that each respondent would interpret the question differently.   

Afterwards, several focus group attendees walked around the Aula examining various Aula architectural elements, and also considered the two other buildings' appearances and informally discussed what they would like to see in the new building.  They agreed it was useful to look at all the campus buildings while considering these questions.  

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas on how the new building will look.  Please fill out the survey by August 25.  (Remember that the TCGIS family open house is on August 23 if you want to take a look at the buildings before you do so.  If you choose to visit the school before then, please be respectful of the neighborhood and park in the school parking lot, at Como Park, or along the railroad tracks on Jessamine Ave.) - Rich Iwen

Ellen Thomson