Site plans continue to be developed

Site plans continue to be developed. The civil engineer is currently working on storm-water management plans, which are required for the site plan. Site plans can be submitted to the City Planning Commission on Tuesdays, and then reviewed 2 weeks after that. TCGIS's plan will be submitted by Oct 23rd, with the review meeting during the week of Nov 5. The review meeting is not a hearing or judgement on the plan, but a discussion of how the project will work on the site and any required variances and so on.

On Monday, October 1, 2018, the Save Historic St. Andrew’s (SHSA) group submitted an application for local historic designation of the former church to the city of St. Paul’s Historic Preservation Committee. Facilities, Board members and Ted Anderson met with SHSA October 11, 2018 to discuss the negative impact this historic designation would have on our school and our ability to provide standard educational facilities for our students and staff. District 10 members mediated the meeting. The Board will submit a letter opposing designation to the City Council, Historical Preservation Commission, and other governmental bodies as appropriate.

Submitting the site plan for review and getting variances approved can positively affect the timeline for the bond issue. There's always a risk when going to the market with a bond submission, and having city approval will help the market judge the proposal favorably, as does the fact that TCGIS is a known entity on the bond market. The neighborhood opposition introduces some negative risk into the bond proposal. Having the site plan and variances approved will help the market feel confident that the project will go forward.

Finally, some last notes:

  • We have added a link to submit questions and comments to the facilities committee for consideration. The FAQs section on the building webpage will be updated periodically.

  • The contractor has a plan for hazardous material abatement that may be necessary. The contractor will start developing a construction timeline once the site plans are approved.

  • TCGIS is meeting with the City to examine traffic patterns and see what can be done to make pick-up a smoother process with less traffic and disruption for the neighborhood.

  • Facilities continues to discuss what to do for A/C or humidity control in the classroom wing.

Ellen Thomson